• Basic/ Minimun knowledge of Mikro Tik
  • Basic understanding of process flow
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • No previous experience required
  • Maintain 90% attendance in class for infection of the curriculum


Web Development consists of two segments: front end development and backend development. Front-end Developers work with visual designs of a website and build the sites using code. The front end developer builds the structure of a website using HTML, then changes the layout using CSS and sometimes uses javascript too. Besides Backend developers work with more advanced issues. They work with API (Application Programming Interfaces), CGI programs and sometimes script like PHP. Website functionality is their main concern.

Career Opportunities: Here is a list of possible job opportunities for the software developers, designers who will complete the course. Completing the course and handling all project works, it is possible for students to build one strong portfolio and can apply for jobs that are open for recruitment. It is possible both in local and international marketplaces. And our job placement cell will be there with all the support, guidelines and grooming sessions for students. Thus it will help them to get confidence and flourish in the digital arena. The opportunities are as follows-

● Web Developer
● Software Engineer
● Backend Developer
● Backend Engineer


  • This course is based on the curriculum of the MikroTik MTCNA course. Any student wanting to do the official MikroTik MTCNA will value the content of this course in preparation of the official MikroTik training.
  • First time user can follow the step by step instructions without any previous knowledge.
  • Students who want to prepare for the MikroTik MTCTCE exam.
  • Engineers who wants to understand advanced topics on DHCP and DNS on Mikrotik