• Basic/ Minimun knowledge of PLC
  • Basic understanding of process flow
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • No previous experience required
  • Maintain 90% attendance in class for infection of the curriculum


Programmable Logic Controller or PLC Training course is the best job oriented training course for Electrical & Electronics engineers in Bangladesh. Therefore every Electrical & Electronics Engineer should enroll in this course. Top most popular brands of Programmable Logic controller [PLC] are Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi & Schneider Electric. Above all Programmable Logic controller / PLC is a very important element of our modern industrial machinery. Even more PLC Programming is much easier and user friendly compared to old relay based control systems.

This course is designed to equip the novice with no prior PLC programming experience with the basic tools necessary to create a complete PLC program using ladder logic common to most current platforms.

Using the TIA Portal Version 13 & Siemens LogoSoft, we will be covering such topics as general controls, digital and analog IO, ladder logic programming, alarm / notification handling, HMI, emulation, best practices and more.

In the end, we will go through an entire, working PLC program and HMI line by line to solidify comprehension of the learning objectives.

These are some of the PLC modules, which will be used for the course
● Siemens s7-1200
● Siemens s7-300
● Siemens logo


  • Anyone interested in learning the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers.
  • Electronic Students.
  • Engineering Students.
  • Electrical Maintenance Department.