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About Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing training Bangladesh is very important for not a digital marketer but also anyone who runs or works for an online business. If your business has an online presence then it is very important for you to learn how digital marketing works. It's also true for those who want to create their own branding.

Most of the popular Online Marketing ways are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Our digital marketing course is very practically developed mainly focuses on various online market places including Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour and many other sites. The course was conducted earlier and the success rate of enabling participants to earn online was satisfactory.

Course Details:

  • Niche Selection.
  • Keyword Research (Ad Sense, Affiliate, Service).
  • Competitor Analysis & Website Audit.
  • On-Site Optimization.
  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Article Writing Strategy.
  • Google Webmaster Tool & Analytics.
  • Off Page SEO.
  • Facebook Advance Audience Targeting.
  • Facebook Ads Quality Maintenance.
  • Facebook Paid Campaign.
  • Facebook Pixel & Retargeting.
  • YouTube Competitor Analysis.
  • YouTube Channel & Video Optimization.
  • YouTube Monetization.
  • LinkedIn Keyword Research And Targeting.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation & Email Listing.

Online Marketplace

Almost all the general marketplaces have a digital marketing category. After completing this course successfully, you get enabled to work in many marketplaces, including the following:

  • Fiverr.
  • Freelancer.
  • Upwork.

Digital Marketing Service

Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

The Internet changes the way of marketing entirely. Digital marketing is the must need method to promote any kinds of business. Even it is better than traditional marketing for most of the industry. Indamait is a valuable name in the digital marketing world. You may ask why we are unique. Whenever you work with us, you will understand it. We are here at your service, and your success is our commitment. We believe in the result. Indamait is committed to ensuring your strong online presence with the creative marketing team.

Different Kinds of Digital Marketing Platform

Digital marketing is straightforward but creative work. There are lots of platforms to do it. The popular digital marketing procedures are Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, etc. As a business owner, you know what kinds of digital marketing platform is perfect for you. You can run a social media campaign or can depend on Email Marketing. Not only that, you have lots of option when you decide to go for online/ digital marketing. If you need any suggestions, our expert team are ready to consult for your business. What is best suited depends on the business category. Maybe an example can clear my opinion. Suppose you are an owner of an E-commerce website. So you will always suggest you start the digital marketing campaign in Social Media. For next, Search Engine Marketing will best choice. But we will recommend you go for SEO if you like to earn passive income from AdSense or Affiliate promotion. Let’s know more details about our service.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our business is to develop your business. We know, people come to the digital marketing agency to empower their footprint on the online world actively. Whatever the process, the ultimate goal of every promotion is to drive potential traffic to achieve a good sale and improve brand value. We also know the client likes solutions. So we develop a shortcut strategy to establish your business decently. Our every service is unique but profitable. Let’s a short brief to our digital marketing services:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine is now part of our life. There is no doubt, day by day we will entirely depend on Search Engine. Actually, we are already depended on it. In every type of business, the topper on the search result is doing far better than others. Are you doing anything on this occasion? If you are not in search engine especially on Google First Page with your target keyword, you are missing a lot potential customer. If you have no idea about it, don’t need to tense. We are experienced with SEO, and we can handle it for you. Our SEO service will double your business undoubtedly. Feel free to contact us if you like to Guaranteed Best SEO service at affordable price.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is perfect for every business industry. If you can understand your audience, you can achieve your business goal through a social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. We provide professional social media service. Social media marketing is not only paid campaign to advertise. Social platforms are a decent way to understand customer perception and organic way to reach on their demand. If anyone has a proper plan, they can do at their best in the free method too. We think we are the best digital marketing agency who can help to achieve your goal decently. We can handle your brand page on any kinds of social media too.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very professional, and if you can run an Email Outreach Campaign accurately, you can achieve the highest ROI. You only have to follow filtering precisely. Are you confused with my word? Hope you don't. Because you know well, the specific target is key of success to convert a visitor into the client efficiently. You cannot expect positive feedback unless your goal is accurate, it is simple. It is don't matter who runs the Email Outreach for you. We only can say, we have a vast update email collection in every individual industry. Moreover, we have the experience to achieve a very high ROI on our previous service.

Search Engine Marketing

The aim of Search Engine Marketing is quite similar to SEO. Smart businessman wants to see his company website top of the table on Search Engine. SEM is the process of advertising on the search engine. Nowadays, the concepts of advertising are changing. SEM is even doing better than TVC in lots of business industry. Whenever you have a budget to run advertising, we will suggest you try our SEM service at least once. We have confidence that you will do it repeatedly after achieving your goal.

Content Marketing

Content marketing adorns brand value, improve search ranking and convert the reader into a buyer. That's why content marketing is essential. Decent planning with creative content will help your SEO and Social Media Marketing too. Our professional content writer team and digital marketing experts will put your brand in front of prospects. Content marketing is using print media from the very early age of history. Now it is doing well in online media too. All things are beyond content marketing.

Final Word

We already described our demandable service. But you may need to check our influencer marketing and website analytics service. We also can help you with digital advertising on different kinds of popular website. Influence marketing generally the creative part of social media marketing. And, digital advertising is helpful for local business. It builds trustiness, authority with target customer. The website broadcast all information on behalf of you at 24/7. If the data-driven approach is not clear or imperfect, you will miss your customer. Whenever we make a website for our clients, we ensure user-friendliness. If you don't have a site, you can check our website design and development service. But if you already have one but it cannot turn a visitor into a customer, our website analytics service will help boost your online presence.